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YES! I Am Ready to Heal!
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Julia 29, from Finland

Maria, I healed from pollen allergy and pet allergy using your neuroplasticity method. I am so grateful to you for guiding me through my healing process. I love your work. Thank you!

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Train Your Brain...
to Heal Your Body

Our brains are the conductors or our bodies.
Your brain can make you sick - or heal you.

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Martta 34, from Finland

I used your brain-training method to astma. It healed. Then I used it to nut and milk allergy. Yesterday I ate cheese, and it felt like a celebration. I am free to eat whatever I want, it is wonderful. Thank you so much, Maria!

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My Story - How I Healed Myself Re-Wiring my Brain.

I am Maria Nordin, architect, best-selling book author and creator of Free to Heal®.

For years, I suffered from environmental hypersensitivity, food hypersensitivity, a diagnosed autoimmune disease, a strange syndrome, and a crippling disability to live life normally.

I tried everything. Diets. Blood tests. Supplements. Visits to specialists. Nothing helped. Nothing worked.

Dealing with chronic illness, I spent countless hours researching, interviewing experts, to understand our the connection of our brains and illnesses and symptoms.

I discovered that there is a fun and easy way to re-wire the brain. I started training my own brain to change the way my body and mind react. The result?

In just one month, I had no symptoms. At all. 

Friend, I know you’re tired and frustrated. I know you feel like your body has betrayed you, that traditional medicine has failed, and that there’s no way out.

But there is. And I’d love to show you how you can re-wire your brain and start living your best life.


Maria's Brain Training in the Media

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Re-wire your brain and ignite healing!

"I am amazed of how fast my symptoms disappeared.
I am forever grateful to Maria for her teachings!"

Tina from Finland

Introducing Free to Heal®

Your path to a clear mind and a body free of pain, symptoms, and the burden of chronic illness.

Free to Heal® is an online course that teaches you to practice Free to Heal® -method that is based on neuroplasticity (re-wiring the brain), microbiome modification, spiritual growth and unconscious stress management.

Practicing Free to Heal® can change the way your body and mind react to symtoms, helping you alleviate and even eliminate these symptoms completely... so you can finally live your best life!

Can Free to Heal® Help Me?

Our members reported a complete or partial recoveries from the following diagnoses

  • pollen allergies
  • food allergies and hypersensitivity
  • environmental hypersensitivity
  • mold illness / mold hypersensitivity / indoor air illness / toxic mold illness
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity
  • animal allergies (cat allergy, dog allergy)
  • chemical hypersensitivity, MCS
  • sound hypersensitivity
  • light hypersensitivity
  • photosensitivity
  • tinnitus
  • thyroid problems
  • menstrual problems
  • endometriosis
  • chronic pain
  • rash, acne, skin problems
  • dermographism
  • joint pain
  • stress
  • psoriasis
  • OCD, dyskinesia, obsessive thoughts
  • ADHD
  • anxiety, panic disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stres Disorder (PSTD)
  • insomnia, sleeping problems
  • intestinal problems, abdominal swelling
  • colostrum difficile (C. diff)
  • candida
  • IBS
  • obesity
  • weight loss
  • diabetes/blood sugar levels
  • high blood pressure
  • parkinson’s disease
  • migraines
  • grinding teeth
  • asthma
  • repeating inflammation
  • poor immunity
  • exhaustion, tiredness
  • negative feelings and mood swings
  • vaginal pain and disorders of bacterial balance
  • poor eyesight
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Pet Allergy & Anxiety Relief

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Pollen Allergy 

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Relief from Arrhythmia & Anxiety

Free To Heal® Online Course Includes:

YES! I Am Ready to Heal!
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Evelina Rüter

Enrolling to Free to Heal® -in 2019 was life changing. Until then, every summer, I suffered from severe pollen allergy that restricted my life. Also my menstrual pains disapeared when I started practicing Maria's method. I warmly recommend the course.

Free to Heal® will help you discover relief from your chronic symptoms, a greater sense of control over your body...and hope for a full, normal life.

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Discover Joy

Experience true joy that only comes from finding the power to heal yourself, from deep within

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Discover Vitality

Modify your biomes to not just eliminate debilitating symptoms, but to significantly boost your long term vitality and wellbeing

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Discover Hope

Live life the way you want to! Enjoy nature. Visit friends. Travel. Finally, allow yourself to hope for a future of freedom and enjoyment

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Discover Peace

Reduce both conscious and unconscious stress. Without stress, cortisol levels plummet and your body can finally heal itself

What people say about Free to Heal®? 

Ragna Bromseth, Norway

A complete recovery from severe hypersensitivity

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Galina Zamfir, Romania

A complete recovery of her 8-y.o. son from muscle twitching 

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Eveliina Tistelgren, Finland

A complete recovery from an abnormal skin condition (acne)

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I Want Similar Changes In My Life

Based on Science and Approved by Doctors

Dr. Robin Youngson

A senior medical specialist working in the New Zealand public health service. An internationally renowned leader, author and speaker, Robin has been an advisor to the New Zealand Government and the World Health Organization.

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“Maria is amazingly knowledgeable about trauma, unconscious stress, and the many effects this has on our health. I see a shining intelligence and deep wisdom in your teachings. I agree with everything you say, I know these things to be true although that knowledge is quite recent for me for instance, that a severe allergy can be changed by thoughts and beliefs. My beliefs as a doctor have changed so much in the last year!”

Dr. Robin Youngson

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100% money back guarantee

We stand behind our promises. If you don't get the results you're looking for, ask for a refund and we'll refund you in full.

Try It Risk-Free Now

Not convinced yet?
Here're some more recovery stories:

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Chronic Stomach Ache

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Panic Attacks & Anxiety

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Skin Disorders

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Pollen Allergy

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Relief from Medication

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Cough & Eyes and Mouth Itching

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Pollen Allergy

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Sleeping Disorders

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Heini's Recovery from Issues Caused by Thyroid

Weera's Recovery from Brain Damage and Coma

Karen's Experience of Applying Free To Heal Method to Eliminate an Extreme Skin Condition

Silja's Recovery from an Extreme Skin Hypersensitivity 

Eveliina's Recovery from a Birch Pollen Allergy

Inka-Maija's recovery from thyroid hypofunction, endometriosis, joint psoriasis, and detrition in spine 

OK, I'm Convinced, Give Me The Method

The Value of Free to Heal®


✔️ closed discussion group for inspiration and help
-€399 - priceless

✔️ daily training program to achieve neural changes and to change body’s reactions

✔️ a letter to friends and family (so that they can do their best to help you recover)

✔️ recorded exercises

✔️ gratitude recording done with a popular musician from Finland

✔️ calming recording done with a popular musician from Finland

✔️ the possibility for a one on one coaching with Maria (only available for those on the course)

✔️ a checklist how to introduce neural changes in the daily life

✔️ a checklist of foods, that supports your good microbes

✔️ a checklist of cosmetics and cleaning chemicals to avoid

Total Bonus Value

Free to Heal® online course 396€

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free to Heal ™ a medical treatment?

Free to Heal ™ is not a medical treatment. Free to Heal ™ is a method that teaches you exercises to dramatically improve your physiological and psychological wellbeing, in regards to how you cope with one of many chronic symptoms you may be struggling with. While Free to Heal ™ is designed to ease and even eliminate symptoms and their underlying conditions, it is not to be considered a substitute for your prescribed medical treatment. Always remember to consult your health care provided in any situation you feel is necessary.

Can I use Free to Heal ™ along with my medication?

Absolutely. Free to Heal ™ is designed to work irrespective of the prescribed drugs you take, but always make sure to consult your health provider if you have any doubts or questions.

Is Free to Heal ™ safe for teenagers or kids?

Free to Heal ™ is safe for kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. It can also be practiced by adults who want to use their methods on infants and babies. Parents wanting to use Free to Heal ™ exercises for their kids can make use of the dedicated training lesson showing how the exercises are to be applied to kids. Make sure to read the safety guidelines. 

How long is the Free to Heal ™ course and how much time does it take in a day?

Free to Heal ™ is designed as a one month course. You can expect first results in as little as 5 days. Exercises vary from day to day and can take anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes each day.