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Improve Your Life By Rewiring Your Brain

Alleviate or completely get rid of debilitating symptoms using the concepts of neuroplasticity, microbiome modification, and unconscious stress elimination


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Stress, allergies, overweight, skin problems, insomnia and other health problems - You can influence it yourself

Being open and curious about new angles can lead to a whole new world. Once I was able to do that to MYSELF. Now I want to help YOU harness the hidden inner power within us all to change our lives and to be better. - Maria Nordin, Creator

This transformation has been a pretty epic journey for me. I started my healing process when it was almost too late.

I went to therapy for 4 years, then I started meditating, reading Dispenza, Tolle, and others of these consciousness masters, took an Iceman Wim Hof bathing course and the newest addition for me to become a true superhero was a method called Free to Heal ® by Maria Nordin 🧠

A method based on consciousness, neuroplasticity and optimising microbiome for eliminating any symptoms.

I understood that reading books and knowing things isn’t enough. I have to train the mind in order to change the chemistry just like I train my body.

I was still suffering from stress-related symptoms even though I didn’t have a busy schedule.

The brain needed more training to break free.

Little by little I saw the difference. But most of all I am conscious about my doings, feelings and thoughts.

- Oona Kivelä
The four-time world champion pole dancer


The Free to Heal ® method is not a medical treatment and it doesn't exclude any medical treatments. If you have any questions concerning your health consult your doctor.

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